Welcome to ‘The Learning Curve, Kasarvadavali’ Preschool

About Preschool Learning

Preschool is the most innocent phase of a child’s life. While we want them to progress on the path of basics we also wish to preserve the naiveness

With a blend of modern techniques and old school methods, we at Learning Curve Kasarvadavali, introduce our playschool kids to alphabets, numbers, colors, animals, fruits and so on. Most importantly we help them imagine life without family around.

Meet Our Founder

Pratima Maheshwari

Pratima is a Chartered Accountant by Qualification and has a 10 Year Experience in Corporate Sector in some of the best companies like Reliance Industries, Raymonds, Starbucks. Her knowledge and experience is not just limited to the Finance Sector, working in different cities and multicultural environments has helped her to acquire a wealth of knowledge in Operations & Marketing as well. Being a mother of two kids she has her goal set on making this Centre as one of the best Preschools in India where kids don’t just focus on the academics but indulge themselves in all round skill development.

Manish Maheshwari

Manish holds an MBA Degree in Finance from Symbiosis Institute of International Business. After working for couple of years with TCS he started his own Venture in Infrastructure Space. He is currently a partner in a successful equipment rental company which supplies machines for key infrastructure projects all over India. He guides the Centre in key strategic decisions.

Classroom Facilities

Preschool classrooms should attract children to learn through interactive play and at the same time provide them with a variety of hands-on learning activities. All our classrooms have been designed keeping this philosophy at the core.

Our centre is spread across 2200 square feet. We have sufficient space for children to play and learn. Although the complete centre is Air Conditioned still the classrooms have enough natural sunlight and ventilation. The brightly coloured walls allow the kids to feel comfortable and be their natural self.

Kids of all ages simply love to pretend and play, our centre has a Kitchen Set along with a Supermarket Theme Wall, a Blocks Table Set and a Crocodile Multi Activity Wall Play Kit to keep the kids engaged.

Very few Preschools in Thane can boast of a proper Outdoor Play Area. We have a 300 Sq Ft Dedicated Play Area with Natural Sunlight and Turf Grass. It is equipped with Football Goal Post, Basketball, Jumbo Slide, See-Saw, Wooden Toys, Enclosed Trampoline, etc. This helps to ensure that kids never miss out on their daily dose of Play Time.

We have 5 different themed classrooms designed as per the different program needs. These primarily consists of 3 Classrooms, 1 Daycare cum Activity Classroom and 1 Open Classroom. All the classrooms have various toys to make learning concept simple and interesting.

The complete furniture (tables, chairs, storage units)is ergonomically designed to suit the kids.

We have 3 separate washrooms for kids, teachers and other staff. The kids washrooms have small size toilet seats and wash basins fitted at lower heights.

The kids are served freshly prepared hot food which is prepared in our fully equipped kitchen. The weekly menu is planned by a nutritionist.

LIVE Camera Access

We understand your desire to check upon your child periodically and to know that they are enjoying their time in the school. The Learning Curve, Kasarvadavali brings you the facility to see your child Live through Camera Access. You can login and see it on your computer or you can view them right on your mobile through our App.

This facility is only available for the time that your child is registered in the center so if your child’s timing is 11:30 to 2:45 you will be able to see your child’s classroom at the specified time. You can view only your child’s classroom and not any other classroom.


Play group

Playgroup is the 1st step in developing one’s learning ability. Keeping this in mind the Playgroup Program is designed in a way that the kids learn all the basics in the form of Rhymes, Storytelling and Role Play. The focus is on the following key areas:

  • Language Development
  • Maths
  • Letterland – Phonics
  • Music
  • Active Learning through Physical Experiences


The syllabus for Nursery is quite similar to PG Syllabus in terms of concepts but the methodology is slightly changed to keep track with the growing age. Nursery children interact more and more with their peers, they practice their Language and Social skills through make-believe games for which they have ample time. They learn to play table games such as puzzles, board games and are introduced to the concept of taking turns and sharing. The focus is on the following key areas:


In Kindergarten children have longer attention spans and are be able to sit for longer periods of time. They also have more developed social skills. Our curriculum helps create eager learners looking at expanding their imagination. They will begin to experience themes and activities that seek to broaden their horizons. Our learning days will ensure they get a chance to converse and connect with peers and adults with confidence. Also get an opportunity to be able to read Level 1 and 2 reader simple books.


We understand that at Daycare the kids should feel at home and we take all the rights steps to ensure the same. We provide a safe and secure learning environment for children to play and learn. A separate schedule is prepared for Daycare kids and the focus is on providing the right balance by having all the elements in right proportion. This ensures that kids don’t just pass their time but make us of it by learning something valuable. The schedule is designed in a way to take care of all their meals, nap time, activities, outdoor play, free play. In addition to this they can avail optional kids activitiy classes like Drawing, Dancing, Music, etc.

What The Parents Say